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Autumn 2021 Releases: The western epic continues and the weird poetic journey of a murderer(?), and a little about the future…

I wasn’t going to finish what is now A Cage for the Wind. I wrote most of it from December of 2020 until August of 2021, and most of that was written while dealing with some very difficult-to-navigate emotional strife on the homefront. I won’t go into details, and I don’t have to, I don’t think; much of how that all went down literally bled out onto the pages of A Cage for the Wind in its own way. Continue reading

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In peeling back the skin on the monster, beneath the lizard scales she’s got perfect, silicone-free breasts, but when her mouth opens all I hear is: “NIGHTWORK”. I don’t want to like her, but I don’t want her to hate me either.

The adjustment is the real killer. Going from a daytime routine to picking up the wrenches and climbing behind the wheel of the truck, driving into the night so you can blast some holes in walls and maybe get something … Continue reading

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Tonight is all about channeling a little rage, and that guy’s blood is still smeared all over the road outside; it looks like some car’s oil pan gave up on life and splattered all of its aspirations all over the concrete

Every time I hear a noise outside the front door, I race to the peep hole and stick my eye as close to the void as I can. The inside of the glass eyepiece is dirty and around the rim … Continue reading

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Blame the WIne: An Ode to Unconventional Intentional Bullshit

Being that this is my first post in quite some time, I will begin this little online duet with myself with a passage written a lifetime or so ago. In an attempt to add a bit of color to one’s … Continue reading

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